Where Quality Is Distilled

Hither thar be rum says I... and vodka, brandy, and soon to be gin and whiskey.  Be prepared to unleash your inner pirate while bellied up to our Gasparilla Distillery & Cocktail Bar that hearkens back to the days when cunning marauders such as Captain Jose Gaspar spent their plunder reveling at ports of call.  And whilst at our bar, enjoy cocktails mixed with the finest spirits to ever grace a pirate’s gullet.

Our distilling system is a massive 1000 gallon steel and copper pot and column still that makes the magnificent spirits that grace our cocktails.  It is truly a beauty to behold.

Whether you're tasting our spirits in a flight, or sampling them on a tour of our distillery, or enjoying a them in a cocktail while basking in the piratey ambiance of our bar, or taking some bottles to go to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, there is no wrong way to savor them.